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The installer list gives contact details of NIBE VIP installers, who have attended our ground source, air source and intermediate training courses, are MCS accredited and have successfully installed NIBE Heat Pump Products. In order for an installer to be featured on our website, they must meet certain criteria that is strictly adhered to. However, some information provided to us, is received in good faith, therefore, we recommend that you complete an independent check with the installer. The installers featured on our listing are not NIBE employees, and whilst we try to ensure that you are being put in contact with a highly trained, experienced installer, either within this listing, verbally, via email or promotion, we do not accept responsibility for the operation, workmanship or service that the installer will provide.

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For more information in regards to the installation of a NIBE heating system, please contact one of our NIBE VIP installers.

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